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AnyForm form software

illing out paper forms on PC manually or by ODBC data import - free ready to use AnyForm template
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Tibor Nagy
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8 December 2012

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This is a form creation tool.

This tool helps create any kind of paper forms or forms that could be filled with data from ODBC database sources. This data could be printed in the designed format easily. The utility comes with a range of pre-designed forms. Whether you need these for export, transport, health, insurance or any other industry verticals there are no problems. Papers based forms could be converted into electronic forms easily. This can be done by scanning them in or by importing jpg-, gif-, pga- or bmp-files of original forms. These forms could be made intelligent by adding arithmetic formulae and binding text fields for repetitive filling tasks. When you need formatting of data on to pre-printed forms, it is simple to align the data accurately as the data is organized on the electronic form first. User manual and online help is available on creation and editing of the forms.

When starting from a scan or an image file you have the drawing files that help you turn the scan or the image into a drawing file. Image formats supported include JPEG, BMP and PNG, etc. Zoom tool are available to make the line placements precise. Form intelligence creation is supported through spreadsheet like features that let you embed formula into a form field. Text fields can have repetitive text strings placed in a field. ODBC data import and CSB data export features are available. This is quite a handy tool if you need to create a lot of forms. If you have a need, you should get it tried in your exact work-flow.

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creates templates of or fills in paper- and preprinted official forms on PC easily – either manually or by data import from ODBC databases - free ready to use AnyForm templates of original export forms, transport forms, tax forms, insurance forms, health care forms, converts paper form and preprinted forms into electronic forms, makes electronic forms intelligent, ease of Use and free Online Support, precise data print out on preprinted forms, easy form creation software for preprinted paper forms, comprehensive User Manual, free form creation on demand, 1to1 from Original Form to Template, versatile form creation, ODBC Data Import, CSV Data Export, Import of graphic file formats, like jpeg, png, bmp,
AnyForm form software
AnyForm form software
Version 5.0
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